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North Bondi Businesses Call For Traffic Calming Measures

By Ben Graham on October 3, 2013 in News

Photo: James Hutton

Photo: James Hutton

He has seen schoolgirls almost get struck down, his customers inches away from accidents and even picked up a dead dog from the road outside his shop in North Bondi.

Now Frankie Nasso wants the businesses and people of the North Bondi community to stand together in slowing vehicles down on Campbell Parade.

Having been in the area for six and a half years, Mr Nasso said that the current zebra crossing system is simply not working.
“It hasn’t been painted, there’s no sign there and it isn’t lit up at night,” Nasso said.

“It really makes me angry. When you see people almost lose their family outside your workplace and nothing is done about it, it’s pretty scary.

“Do we have to wait until somebody is killed before we do something about it? Well what about the poor guy or young kid who is hit by the car?”

Mr Nasso has put together a petition, which he will pass around to businesses in the area before sending it to Waverley Council.

“I’m positive about it, because everybody I’ve spoken to agrees about how dangerous this road is and all the local shops are supporting me,” he said.

“This petition and the message it sends is so important because it’s the only way that we’re going to make a difference and do something about it.”

A spokesperson for Waverley Council said that if a petition is handed in, it will be tabled at a full meeting of Council before referral to the relevant Council department for consideration and investigation.

“With a petition related to speeding, Council would investigate and arrange for speed and volume counts over a minimum period of seven days and complete an accident history review,” the spokesperson said.

If the results of the counts revealed a need to reduce vehicle speeds in that area, Council would then look into appropriate traffic calming and speed reduction measures.

A proposal for traffic calming measures would then need to go to Waverley’s Local Traffic Committee for consideration. The Committee includes representatives from NSW Police, RMS, the state member’s office and Council.

Mr Nasso said that he would like to see a wombat crossing system or a speed camera to encourage people to slow down. A wombat crossing is similar to a zebra crossing, except that it is on a raised surface like speed bump.

“I’m no traffic expert, but there must be a lot the council can do to solve this problem.” Nasso said.

“If they were to put a speed camera there, they would make an absolute fortune because I’ve seen cars reaching 90kph.”

Waverley Council uses speed humps or chicanes (angled slow points) in most cases to calm traffic.

“There are benefits and disadvantages to both types of traffic calming measures,” a Waverley Council spokesperson said.

“Chicanes can result in a loss of street parking, however speed bumps can increase traffic noise levels, which can create an issue in residential areas.

“Costs to implement traffic calming measures vary greatly depending on the design, the materials used for construction and how many speed humps or chicanes are installed.”

Mr Nasso said that he has even considered putting a camera there himself to show the how dangerous the road is to the media, the council and the police.

“The police and the people of this community know that this is the worst road in Bondi. I have had enough of it and we need a permanent solution,” Mr Nasso said.