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One of Bondi’s Best Forever In Our Hearts

By Sarah Yates on March 30, 2018 in News

The ultimate gentleman, by Will Veron.

In March last year the Bondi community suffered a sudden and devastating loss of one of its beloved comrades – a young man named Cale Remnant. At 26 years of age and affectionately known as ‘Superfoods’, he made a lasting and positive impression on people who were lucky enough to meet him, and left a gaping hole in the hearts of those who were closest to him.
Cale hailed from the southern NSW beach of Culburra and, when he voyaged to the shores of Bondi, was instantly accepted by the locals as one of their own. Tragedy struck when he was accidently electrocuted while clearing a roof gutter in the rain. His unforeseen passing devastated the Bondi community, as he was so ingrained in its fabric.
A much-loved member of the Bondi United football team, he voluntarily coached the Under 10s for 4 years running and played for their premiership winning A Reserves side. He was a part of the Scum Valley crew in the Bondi Boardriders, with the club honouring his memory with the Scum Valley Cale Remnant Cup.
Bondi local and long-time mate Will Veron remembers Cale as being the ultimate gentleman: “He never had a bad word to say about anyone, and you would never come across anyone who could say a bad word about him.”
Although most of his closest friends staunchly flew the Roosters flag, he was a dedicated Broncos supporter, wearing the jersey down at the Beach Road Hotel every Friday night.
“He was very different to what we all were, but he suited us well. He loved going out, having a beer and was pretty much up for anything – he was just a heap of fun to be around,” Mr Veron told The Beast.
The two gents became fast friends on the rugby league field as teenagers, and it wasn’t long before Cale became tight friends with the rest of Bondi’s local crew.
“Cale always wanted to be there for his mates, for anyone really. If you ever needed help doing something, he always put his hand up. You could always rely on him, that’s just the kind of guy he was,” Mr Veron said.
A massive board paddle-out took place in his honour at Bondi the day before his wake at Waverley Oval, with hundreds turning up to both events to pay their respects. The celebrations moved on to his favourite watering hole, the Beach Road, where the community and his family shared their stories. The congregation of those who loved and respected him most was unforgettable.
Losing someone so young and full of life has a profound impact, especially on those who haven’t experienced the loss of a loved one. It hit his young mates particularly hard. Trying to make sense of the senseless can be an overwhelming task, even for the most resilient. Although time may not heal all wounds, mateship has been the remedy for those who Cale left behind.
“Everyone’s doing much better now,” Mr Vernon said. “We still talk about him all the time. He’s always brought up in our conversations. That will happen forever, I guess. It’s easier to talk about what happened to Cale with each other. When it first happened it was hard being alone. Getting together every day helped us get through the toughest times. If we didn’t have each other it would have been pretty terrible. He was a legend, a gentleman and a true champion.”
From Culburra to Bondi and everywhere else you’ve been, we all miss you, Superfoods.