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By Ben Stephens on November 4, 2016 in News

Photo: Pat the Rat

Photo: Pat the Rat

As the great Jed Smith once uttered: “Shredheads, waxheads, kooks and barneys…”. He was welcoming you to his hit web series The Pipeline, throwing out an all-encompassing salutation t everyone from the true tube rats to the WSL Fantasy League chumps. That said, we all fall into one of the categories above and if the performance of John John Florence at the moment is the level of comparison, then colour me kook.

Regardless of where you sit on the scale, it’s spring and time to get amongst it. If you find yourself in the position of needing to replace a couple of fins or grab a brand new stick, we have a tight list of top surf shops around Bondi that can help you out…

Vida Surf Store
Got a hankering for an acai bowl, but find yourself in need of getting a board sorted out at the same time? Look no further than the team at Vida. Delivering the freshest bowls of acai goodness, as well as stocking some damn fine Pyzel boards, they’ll have you out the back in no time. But remember, don’t swim until an hour after eating or the boys in blue will have to come scoop you up!

Sunburnt Mess
From the team behind Surf Culture in Bondi Junction comes their Bondi Beach store with a focus on top quality boutique gear. Adorning this new set up on Gould Street are Aussie made hand-foiled fins from the team at Alkali, wetsuits from the ethically correct legends at Patagonia, and boards by a whole range of top shapers including CIS, Vouch, Daniels Surfboards, and Byron Bay fan favourite McTavish. Give Pat Cahill a call if you’re looking for a custom made situation and they’ll get the ball rolling for you.

Saturdays NYC

Saturdays has a vibe that makes you want to order a coffee and take a seat for the next couple of hours while you discuss other aesthetically pleasing shopfronts that you’ve come along in your travels. Don’t let the small store fool you, though. It packs an absolute punch. With boards from Hayden Shapes, Christenson, and those unique little whips from Almond, you’ll find hardware here that you won’t want to ragdoll across a Tahitian reef with. Pick up a couple of tea towels while you’re in store too. They’ll add a great little kick to any humble kitchen.

Let’s Go Surfing
If you are still in the kook box and haven’t committed to a stick just yet, check out the selection from our good friends at Let’s Go Surfing. They offer a whole range of totally rad soft boards with the pink Mullet Biscuit coming in at a height of 5’4”, and other options all the way up to 6’7” if that’s more your game. Also, if you need any lessons, the team here can get you standing up in no time.