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Respect The Ocean

By James Hutton on January 22, 2011 in News

Dr Rip (aka Rob Brander) demonstrates the dangers of a rip using purple dye at Tamarama Beach.

The Beast received a scary reminder of the dangers of the ocean this afternoon when we checked our inbox.

Vanessa from Maroubra was saved by body boarders when she found herself caught in a rip at her local beach, despite being an experienced ocean swimmer.

Swimmers of all abilities have been finding it difficult in the surf with the recent big swells and the strong rips that have accompanied them.

Vanessa’s email is yet another reminder to give the ocean the respect it deserves:

Saved From The Surf

Hi, I am a regular ocean swimmer at Maroubra, today I went in for what i thought was just a quick dip. However I was sucked out the back into some king tide MONSTER waves I couldn’t get away from.

I swam out further to get out of the rip but realised I was a goner and was fading fast. I called out for help and two really kind body boarders came over and saved my life. We had to do some serious wave navigation to get back in but thankfully we made it.

I am so grateful to Kane from The Bra for saving my life today, he is a truly courageous guy and I would really appreciate it if you could run this letter as a small thanks for showing true Aussie kindness.


In other news, a tourist drowned and five other swimmers were in a serious condition after a number of incidents on NSW beaches today.

Reports have it that a sandbar collapsed at Stanwell Park and stronger than usual rips have been wreaking havoc all up and down the coast.

If you’re going to swim, always swim between the flags!

The Beast thanks Vanessa for sharing her experience.