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Seedlings Tickle Jordan’s Fancy

By Dan Hutton on November 30, 2012 in News

Here at The Beast we love a bit of green innovation. One local bloke who is really putting it into action is Bondi rock star Jordan Sly (you may know him as the man behind the band Meow Kapow).

His latest project, Worm Ticklers, is all about growing better tasting and fresher food at your own home, cafe or on the street.

It’s not difficult; herbs and salad leaves, sun-ripened tomatoes and many more delicious vegetables can be easily and simply grown on any size scale with Jordan’s quality chemical-free Worm Ticklers seedlings and a bit of friendly advice (if needed).

Jordan completed a Permacultue Design Certificate at Milkwood Farm in Mudgee in 2011 and has spent time working in commercial garden nurseries, so he knows what he’s talking about. He’s also worked alongside the inspiring and excitable host of Gardening Australia, Bondi’s Costa Georgiadis.

Worm Ticklers uses organic techniques and permaculture principles, drawing inspiration from Jordan’s passions for food and cooking with fresh produce.

Growing the best quality seedlings is of the utmost importance to Jordan. He uses a technique known as ‘soil blocking’, which, once mastered, is quicker, simpler, cheaper and produces higher quality seedlings than any other method of seedling production.

On top of this, Jordan uses only local organic heirloom seeds. Typically, heirlooms have adapted over time to whatever climate and soil they are grown in. Due to their genetics, they are often resistant to local pests, diseases, and extremes of weather.

To find out more about Worm Ticklers and start your own little permaculture garden, visit