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Smoking Finally Banned On Randwick Beaches

By Marcus Braid on December 4, 2014 in News

Photo: Nick O'Teen

Photo: Nick O’Teen

Smoking on all Eastern Suburbs beaches is now banned, after Randwick Council finally resolved to prohibit smoking on its ten beaches.
The move was made to help reduce the risk of passive smoking and decrease cigarette butt litter.

Randwick Councillor Tony Bowen hailed the move as a “great idea.”

“The time has come. The issue came up in Randwick when I first got on the council in 2008, and it got voted down then. It illustrates to me how things change.

“I’m not someone who would easily want to deny someone who wants to have a smoke. I don’t believe they should, but it’s a personal decision; I understand that.

“But of all places you want to keep the environment pristine and free of pollutants – both smoke and cigarette butts – it’s got to be the beach, doesn’t it?”

Cr Bowen acknowledged the right to have a smoke, but said that society had changed.

“I was a silly boy when I was younger; I used to smoke. It can be a very pleasant experience, but nonetheless, you grow up and you learn. Society has changed and there are far less people smoking.”

Randwick Council joins a number of other council areas that have already banned smoking on the beach, including Waverley Council, Mosman Council and Manly Council. The decision will see the progressive installation of signage across Randwick’s beaches.

Randwick Mayor Ted Seng said the smoking ban will be accompanied by an information campaign on the dangers of smoking.

“I acknowledge that this ban isn’t going to be easy to enforce, and we know that other councils that have introduced the ban have struggled to enforce it,” he said.

“But our main priority is to look after our natural environment and create a safe and pleasant place for residents and visitors. The ban sends a strong message and the signage will encourage the community to self-regulate.”

The ban will come into effect once the signage is installed. Plans are afoot to have the ban in operation in time summer.