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Striving To Save Local Marine Sanctuaries

By Jess Issa on April 9, 2014 in News


The state government is currently in the process of deciding whether the ban on recreational fishing in protected marine sanctuaries across NSW should be lifted.

Clovelly local Daisy Barham from The Nature Conservation Council of NSW is against the lifting of the ban.

“NSW has incredible marine life, and these sanctuaries only cover 7 per cent of NSW water. They’re vital for protecting the biodiversity of our marine life. Allowing fishing in sanctuaries is like hunting in a national park,” she said.

The Nature Conservation Council, which represents over 120 community organisations in NSW, has been working to make sure the government knows that tens of thousands of people across NSW support these sanctuaries.

The council recently held ‘Banners on the Beach’, a synchronised event held across 27 NSW beaches, to make its their feelings known.

“People came to their local beach to make a banner in support of our sanctuaries and to sign our petition. It was very successful,” Ms Barham said.

“There’s nothing to say the government won’t remove protection on Clovelly and Gordon’s Bay next, which really worries us.”

The Beast’s resident fishing writer and marine scientist Dan Trotter echoed Barham’s opposition to fishing in marine reserves.

“These areas hold a greater species richness. It’s beneficial to fisheries and surrounding areas to have these truly untouched sanctuaries. They’re important for future generations of fish. There are plenty of other places to go fishing,” Mr Trotter said.

If you have any questions for Dan Trotter, e-mail For more information and to sign the petition, head to