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A Band (And A Dog) Named RÜFÜS

By Ash London on January 16, 2013 in Other

Photo: Freddie Mercury

Summer is coming, and with it comes the big bright tunes we love to boogie to while we sip down the last dregs of our favourite brew. The beaches come alive, the sun is always shining and nothing tops it off better than a sultry summer beat.

If you’re searching for a new beat, these boys just might have what you’re looking for. Formed in Byron Bay (enough said), RÜFÜS are a three-piece that mixes the musical stylings of a folk singer-songwriter, a deep house producer and a mathematical drummer.

We caught up with lead singer Jon George ahead of their DJ set at The Beachy this month…

I’d like to think that my music is… sunny, dancy and fun!

I always thought my music would be… sunny, dancy and fun!

My earliest music memory is… tinkering on my dad’s piano when I was younger.

Growing up I remember… my parents had a lot of crap but also some Bob Dylan vinyls that I got into, and a bit of Moby, which was cool.

The reason that we got together… was pretty much due to our lack of money. Tyrone and I stayed in one night because we had no money to party with everyone and we just started making music instead.

The most exciting thing about the local music scene is… that there’s so much good stuff and good people. We’re meeting lots of good people on the road and making good music. We’ve been playing with Flume. It’s so good to watch him live; everyone is loving him.

If I could have written any song, it would be… Cassius – ‘Sound of Violence’. I love everything about it. The mix of house, big vocals, such a good vibe.

If I was going to collaborate with Justin Bieber… I would chop his vocals up a f**k-load.

If you come and see us play you can expect… a fun, summery vibe. We mix our music up and make it a lot different live – the chilled stuff turns more percussive live on stage.

Come see our DJ set and you can expect… to hear a lot of our influences mixed together. Deep house with some more accessible sort of stuff.

My dream gig… Coachella.

The best gig I’ve ever been to… well I just saw Radiohead and that was definitely one of the best….

The moment I knew I wanted to be a musician was when… I started DJing and I learnt the power of music and how people react to it.

My biggest fan has got to be… these guys from Canberra who named their dog after us and continually upload videos of it doing different tricks they’ve taught it.

I never want to get to the point where… I’m in rehab wishing I had continued my music career.

I’ll know I’ve really made it when… I’m in rehab, wishing I had continued my music career.

You can catch the boys from RÜFÜS performinf their SUFUR DJ set at the Beach Road Hotel on Saturday, January 19. To find out more about RÜFÜS visit