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All Systems Go For Tamarama Stormwater Recycling

By Dan Hutton on February 4, 2016 in

Photo: Waverley Council

Photo: Waverley Council

Remember that big hole in the ground in the park across the road from Tamarama Beach? While it was an unsightly mess at the time, that former eyesore is now one of the key components of Waverley Council’s latest stormwater recycling systems.

Having already installed stormwater recycling systems at Bronte and Bondi beaches, the final piece in this environmentally friendly hat-trick, Tamarama Stormwater Recycling System, was launched late last year by a very proud Waverley Council. Waverley Council is committed to improving the water quality at our beaches and to reducing our overall water consumption. This new system captures stormwater from our homes, streets and businesses for underground treatment and recycling.

Once the system removes large pollutants and sediment from the captured stormwater, it is directed to a 185-kilolitres underground storage tank (i.e. the aforementioned ‘big hole in the ground’) for further treatment before being re-used in Tamarama.

According to Waverley Mayor Sally Betts, the stormwater recycling system is an important part of Council’s quest to meet its sustainability targets.

“Waverley Council has set itself some big sustainability targets as part of our commitment to protecting our beautiful area,” Mayor Betts said.

“I’m proud to say that across the three stormwater systems we now have in use – Bronte, Bondi and now Tamarama – it is estimated we will save 80-million litres of drinking water each year and prevent polluted and potentially contaminated stormwater ending up on our beaches.”

“This project benefits everyone: our local residents; our businesses; swimmers; surfers; day-trippers to Tamarama Beach; families picnicking in the park; and even tourists enjoying the beautiful coastal walk.”

The benefits of the Tamarama Stormwater Recycling System include improved water quality and reduced pollution at Tamarama Beach, a saving of at least 14 million litres of drinking water each year, and the ability to provide recycled water to keep our parks green through improved irrigation, and to provide Council’s water trucks with recycled water to keep our streets green.