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Alleged Crimes of the East

By Gary Larson on July 7, 2021 in Other

Missing woman Revelle Balmain

What happened to Revelle?
A reward of $1 million has been offered to help solve the riddle of missing Eastern Suburbs escort Revelle Balmain.
The beautiful 22-year-old, who lived in Bellevue Hill, disappeared on the night of November 5, 1994 after an appointment with a client in McNair Avenue, Kingsford.
Her bag, keys, shoes and other personal effects were found discarded in four Kingsford streets. The client she had seen, Gavin Samer, claimed he had dropped her at the nearby Red Tomato Inn, now Churchills Sports Bar.
An inquest by the NSW Coroner in 1999 suggested Samer was a suspect in Ms Balmain’s presumed murder, but did not recommend charges. The Coroner also investigated whether the escort agency she worked for, Select Companions, could have been involved in her disappearance. Ms Balmain was to have kept an appointment with two friends of the agency owners after the one in Kingsford, but allegedly never showed up.
Now a $1 million reward, up from the $250,000 previously offered, has been posted by NSW Police in the hope the seven-figure sum will jolt someone’s memory – or conscience. Anyone with information is urged to contact police or crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Drunken violence at licensed venues
Show respect when you go out to licensed venues. That’s the message from police after a number of incidents involving drunken Eastern Suburbs pub patrons.
Eastern Suburbs Police Area Command Crime Prevention Manager Detective Inspector Gretchen Atkins said the assaults included “a couple of glassings on other patrons” and in other cases both security staff and attending police had been assaulted.
Det. Insp. Atkins said the problem has arisen with lighter COVID restrictions allowing people to stand up and congregate in larger numbers in licenced premises.
“Our message to the community is remembering how to behave in these social settings – it’s all about showing respect for patrons, staff and security, plus police as well.”

Lock your car!
Car owners have been urged to make sure their vehicles are locked and have no valuables inside. Eastern Suburbs Police Area Command says some drivers have made life easy for thieves by leaving their vehicles unlocked with the keys in the ignition. Plus there have been thefts of property left invitingly in unlocked cars.

Eastgardens upskirter
Police want to find a pervert who filmed under a woman’s skirt in a shop at Eastgardens.
A police news release said the woman “was shopping when she noticed a man next to her was using a phone to film under her clothing.”
The incident was reported to officers from Eastern Beaches Police Area Command who obtained security images of the upskirter, who is “of Asian appearance, aged in his early 20s”.
Most of his face was obscured by a mask and sunglasses, plus he wore a cap. However, here are some further details which could help police find the upskirter: he was dressed in a light grey T-shirt, dark grey tracksuit pants and black and white sneakers. He had a dark grey backpack.

Marital reunion did not go egg-actly to plan
Bondi man James Robinson had his mind set on a reunion with his estranged wife on their anniversary. But she did not share his vision. After she said no to the meet-up, Robinson didn’t let that stop him. He arrived at his ex’s place in Randwick bearing gifts – flowers and a bag of groceries. She wasn’t in, but he didn’t let that stop him either and let himself in with the key he still had.
When the ex-missus arrived home, she told him to get out, which he did eventually but only after pelting her with eggs from the groceries he had brought. When police arrived to break up the not-so-happy reunion, the unfortunate woman’s upper body was coated with broken eggs and pieces of shell.
Even after being arrested and served with an AVO at Maroubra Police Station, Robinson was unrepentant. Over the next month, he bombarded his ex with more than 100 abusive WhatsApp messages.
In Waverley Court, Robinson, 50, was fined $400 and given a three year Community Corrections Order after being convicted of assault, unlawful entry, breaching an AVO and using a carriage service to menace or harass. He must see a psychologist and refrain from alcohol and illicit drugs.