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April Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By alyte on January 30, 2013 in Other


Up – Babies – One half of The Beast (Dan) will become the father to one in August. He is secretly hoping for a boy.

Down – Drugs In Sport – The situation has become so ridiculous they might as well just allow performance-enhancing drugs.

Up – The Cloud – Backing up and sharing important files and whatnot has never been easier thanks to the magical ‘cloud’.

Down – Wet Towel Stench – The Beast mobile has been reeking for over a month thanks to a hidden wet towel.

Up – SBW – Love him or hate him, Sonny Bill has certainly sparked some interest in rugby league in recent times.

Down – Mobile Phone Addiction – Living without a mobile phone, even for a couple of hours, is nigh on impossible these days.

Up – Fresh Clean Sheets – Is there anything better than having a hot shower then climbing into bed between crisp sheets?

Down – Groin Strains – Not just a painful strain of the nether regions, but a pain on one’s relationship with their physio too.

Up – The Ratpack – The mighty Ratpack made their fifth touch footy grand final in a row last month.payday loans And they ???

Down – The Nine-Month Election Campaign – We’re only about a month and a bit in and we’re already well and truly over it.