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April Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on April 14, 2016 in Other

Lest we forget.

Lest we forget.


Indian Summer – Hopefully the summer that keeps on giving will continue to do so well into April. We’re not ready for winter yet.

Gyuto Monks – These slightly strange-looking folk will be bringing their robes, mindfulness and good vibes to Bondi Pavilion this month.

Lunchtime Fitness Sessions – It’s absolutely amazing what just half an hour of exercise every couple of days can do for your rig. Try it.

Dawn Service – We’ve got it pretty good here in the lucky country, so get out of bed early on Anzac Day and show that you’re thankful for it.

60 Minutes – Still the best current affairs show on commercial television and without it we may not have the wonderful Allison Langdon on our cover.


Runner Up – There’s nothing fun about first loser, though big ups to the mighty Ratpack touch team for making the Division 1 touch footy grand final.

New Bike Laws And Fines – The fine for not wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle is now $319. No bell? That’s $106. What a f**king joke.

Darkness – Daylight Saving ends on April 3 and the world as we know it will plunge into eternal darkness. It’s time to stock up on rations.

Zika Virus – This mosquito born virus has really put a dent in the babymoon business. Where can pregnant women safely holiday these days?

Anzac Day idiots – Before you make a dick of yourself this Anzac Day, stop and think about our fallen soldiers, at least for a minute or two.