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April Thumps Up, Thumbs Down

By Em Allen on April 15, 2014 in


Up – Autumn Racing – The BMW Sydney Carnival runs from March 22 to April 26. You can find out more at

Down – Liars/Thieves/Cheats – These three traits often come hand in hand. If you fit into any of these categories, punch yourself in the face now.

Up – Illegal Downloads – A hard drive full of illegally downloaded movies and television shows is the perfect remedy to cold, rainy weather.

Down – iPhone Battery Life – The iPhone 5s was meant to show an improvement in battery life. It most certainly doesn’t.

Up – Yamba – Looking for the perfect Australian autumn holiday destination? Look no further than beautiful Yamba. It can’t be beat!

Down – Conscientious Objectors – Sometimes it’s not all about you. Stop being so selfish and immunise your children for the greater good.

Up – Local Supply Sunnies – There’s nothing better than a decent pair of shades priced low enough that you’re not scared to take them out of the house.

Down – Being A Gullible Fool – April Fool’s Day is coming up quickly, so consider this a warning. There’s nothing worse than falling victim to pranksters.

Up – Gymbaroo – If you own a child, do yourself a favour and invest some time and money in Gymbaroo classes. They are the doozy!

Down – The End of Daylight Saving – A little part of you will die inside when you switch your clocks back an hour at 3am on Sunday, April 6.