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August Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on August 10, 2012 in Other

Up – Seals – The aquatic animals, not the bloke on The Voice. They’ve been frequently popping up in the Eastern Beaches.

Down – Liars – They say the truth will set you free. It’ll also stop the people you lie too from wanting to set you on fire.

Up – London 2012 – People dedicate their whole lives to winning gold at the Olympics. It’d be rude not to watch them compete.

Down – Reality Television ‘Stars’ – There are people out in the world doing really amazing things. They are not on reality television shows.

Up – Man In A Grey Suit – Glenn Orgias’ book about being attacked by a shark at Bondi is definitely worth a read.

Down – Cover Charges – Having to pay to get into a club, only to get fleeced a further $10 for a drink, is a joke.

Up – Unofficial End Of Winter – The City2Surf is the unofficial end of the worst of winter. It’s on August 12 and it’s good for your health.

Down – Op Shop Prices – Remember when Vinnies used to be good value? Not in the Eastern Suburbs.

Up – Madagascar – One of the most amazing countries in the world. Put it on your bucket list right now!