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Bondi’s Best Winter Hot Spots

By Niall Roeder on June 23, 2016 in Other

Photo: Jane Turner

Photo: Jane Turner

Winter is coming. Cue collective sighs from all Game of Thrones haters and knowing head-nods from those who froth on the fantasy drama series. Regardless of your thoughts on the show, the phrase stands true: winter is coming. In fact, by the time you read this it’s probably here. Does that mean we batten down the hatches? Hell no. We take it in our stride, we carry on, and we persevere, much like the (dis)honourable men of the Night’s Watch. Winter gathers, and our watch of Bondi begins. No yoga mat shall go unused, no café unvisited and no wine un-sipped.

Compared to a lot of places, the coldness of Sydney’s winter is nothing. You can still do pretty much everything, but here is a little list of things that are especially nice to do when the mercury dips.

32-Degree Yoga – Whether it’s summer or winter, yoga is an awesome way to start the day. Power Living Yoga has morning Vinyasa classes in a toasty 32-degree room. In the wise words of Nelly, “it’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes…” Well, don’t take off all your clothes, but get comfortable and embrace the warmth. Expect it to be sweaty, stretchy and intensely satisfying.

Warm Brekkie Crumble –
Gertrude and Alice is a charming book shop/café that dishes up awesome food and has seats outside that cop the sun. It is warm and it is damn cosy. Rock up here for a post-yoga warm breakfast crumble of poached apple and berry with baked crunchy granola, topped with sweet yoghurt and spiced rhubarb, and a mug of Alice’s Famous Chai.

Winter Woollies – If retail therapy is your bag, hit up Jac+Jack for some modern and stylish winter knitwear. These guys are killing it. Be prepared to drop some cash, but rest assured it is all top-notch ware made from quality and luxurious yarns like cashmere and Australian superfine merino wool. Get toasty.

Picnic in the Sun – There are often sunny days during winter in Sydney. Grab a rug and head to Hunter Park (the headland at South Bondi), Bondi Park (the grassy knoll at the south end of the beach) or Biddigal Park (the park at the north end of the beach).

Hot Chocolate – Our organic brethren at Sadhana Kitchen serve up a powerful hot chocky in the form of their hot superfood ‘Milo’ (cacao, coconut sugar, mesquite, lacuma, maca, a pinch of salt and your choice of milk). Get this in you.

Pancakes –
Pancakes. Are. Epic. We’re big fans of those sweet floppy discs and we’re guessing you are too. Head to Trio for their mango and lime buttermilk pancakes with strawberries, lemon curd, double cream and Canadian maple syrup. An all-day brekkie menu means afternoon pancakes are most certainly a thing. Winter… what winter?

Mulled Wine – If pancakes don’t stir your flavour loins, mulled wine surely does. Bar 34 does an epic mulled wine, which happens to be the manager’s family recipe from Germany. Finish the winter mission by getting warm and fuzzy while listening to some live tunes.

Winter is coming? Winter is becoming.

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