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The Coast: Protect it, Respect it and Snap it!

By Nicola Saltman, Sustainability Engagement, Waverley Council on January 3, 2020 in Other

Summer is here, baby! Get ready for sand between toes, salty hair, cold drinks, BBQ smells and sticky ice cream. It’s the time when our coastlines heave with crowds seeking cool relief in the ocean.
Our world-renowned beautiful beaches attract millions of visitors each year, mostly in summer. Bondi Beach alone sees more than one million visitors annually. We’re also a coast-loving nation, with more than 8 in 10 Australians living within 50 kilometres of our shore.
So, it’s vital we manage our love for the ocean in ways that minimise local impacts, and also support the health of our marine wilderness on our doorstep. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, there are simple ways to care for our coast, while also getting stuck into all the good stuff on offer.

Bin it, don’t swim in it
Sadly, rubbish left in our parks, streets and beaches can end up in our waterways and harm wildlife. Please bin it. Even better, reduce rubbish in the first place by avoiding disposable items such as napkins and containers. Use reusable coffee cups, bags and bottles. Visit

Love it? Snap it to win
Post your best coastal pics in the Love the Coast Photo Competition for a chance to win great prizes. All amateur photos are welcome, and entries must have a coastal theme. Entries close January 10. Finalists will be exhibited at Waverley Library from February to March. Visit

Choose sustainable seafood
Give fish a chance, and sustainable seafood suppliers your money! Look out for the blue Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) label on all seafood products. By buying fish from sustainable fisheries, you’re encouraging more retailers to stock sustainably sourced seafood and more fisheries to improve and become certified. Visit

Help our bushland
Waverley Council cares for 5.8 hectares of remnant vegetation (translation: precious native plants worth nurturing) scattered in patches along our coastline. You can volunteer to join one of six Waverley Bushcare groups to help keep our bushland thriving. You’ll have a great time getting your hands dirty in the great outdoors while enjoying breathtaking views. Visit

Get festive!
Come along to one of the many events celebrating our coast this summer. There will be music, vintage finds, animals, indigenous activities, expos and exhibitions, games, giveaways and more at Summerama from 9am to 1pm on Sunday January 19 at Bronte Park. Visit to book. Also check out the Keep Bondi Beautiful event on Sunday, February 16 at Bondi Beach. The Ocean Lovers Festival is back at the Bondi Pavilion from March 19-22, 2020. For more information, visit

Respect the surf
Always swim between the red and yellow flags and follow Lifeguards’ instructions at all times. The most important thing to do if you’re caught in a rip is to not panic. If Lifeguards are on patrol, raise your hand in the air to indicate that you need help and float with the current, don’t try to swim against it. Once the rip eases, stay calm and float towards breaking waves.

Join our local community making sustainability second nature and pledge to take care of our coast at