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February Thumbs

By Dan Hutton on February 14, 2017 in Other

Well dabbed.

Well dabbed.


Romance – Valentine’s Day is on its way again. If you save all your romance for one (cliched) day of the year, you’re not romantic, you’re a cold-hearted c**t.

Keep Cups – Last year, we here at The Beast would’ve used in excess of 1000 takeaway coffee cups. That’s a lot of waste. This year we promise we will reform.

Big Bash Boredom Killer – It’s deadest impossible to be bored during summer thanks to the nightly Big Bash League broadcast. Except if you don’t have a TV.

Back To School – Who else is counting down the days until the kids finally go back to school/daycare and you get some semblance of a life/routine back?

Ocean Pools – Sometimes it’s just nice to get away from the waves and float about in the salty serenity of one of our many picturesque local ocean pools.


Coogee Booze Ban – We here at The Beast are a bit disappointed about Coogee’s blanket booze ban. It’s a pity a few dickheads can spoil things for everyone.

Litterbugs – There is never an excuse for littering. If the rubbish bins are full, take your garbage with you, or walk a bit further and find a bin that isn’t full.

Ticks – These blood sucking, disease causing bastards are enjoying their peak season right now, so if you plan on going bush, we suggest you beware.

Christmas Tree Disposal – While we love a ‘real’ Christmas tree, getting the spiky conifer out of your house with minimal mess is nigh on impossible.

Mobile Phone Addiction – This is a very real problem, and one that we’re to some extent afflicted by. Mobile phones, while awesome, are actually the devil.