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February Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on February 18, 2014 in Other


Up – Barbers – One of the few remaining bastions where one can sit back, relax and escape technology, all while getting a nice hairdo.

Down – Travelling With A Child – It’s amazing how much more difficult it is to go on holidays (and have a good time) when there is a child involved.

Up – Tim Reuben – Tweeted “Break a leg tomorrow! Hopefully not yours!” to UFC fighter Anderson Silva, who then broke his leg the next day.

Down – Rats – There’s nothing pleasant about seeing a big black rat rifling through your kitchen pantry, even if it is a bit cute looking.

Up – PNG – Thinking of going on a summer surf trip? Look no further than our northern neighbour PNG. Good waves, great people, no crowds.

Down – South Coast Summer Holiday Petrol Prices – We tend not to whinge about petrol prices but $1.70-plus per litre is outrageous.

Up – Five-Nil – The annihilation of the Poms in the Ashes was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the summer. Faith in Aussie cricket restored.

Down – Day Four Test Tickets – While flogging the Poms inside three days is a joy to watch, owning day four tickets is not so satisfying.

Up – Nude Swimming – The Sydney Skinny is on again on February 23. You can find out more at

Down – King Hits And Bullet-Riddled Bikies – What has become of beautiful little Bondi? Does anyone feel a tad unsafe these days?