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February Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on February 13, 2013 in Other

Up – Tony Greig – It was hard not to notice the absence of one of the voices of cricket this summer. May he rest in peace.

Down – Wylie’s Baths – Used too much chlorine last month (in a saltwater pool?) and killed a bunch of fish and octopuses.

Up – Tennis – Without doubt one of the best spectator sports there is. Good-looking athletes at the top of their game.

Down – Summer Flu – Is there anything worse than getting an illness associated with winter in the middle of summer?

Up – Sleeveless Wettie Vests – They make you look like a squirrel, but they are bloody good at keeping you warm and rash-free.

Down – RSI – I too thought it was bullshit until I could no longer move my neck from spending hours staring at my laptop.

Up – Bondi Openair – Full length movies under the stars at the Bondi Pavilion plus Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – does life get any better?

Down – Lobsters – Both the overpriced crustraceans and the people who fry themselves in the sun until they’re bright red.

Up – FebFast – If it wasn’t for all the weddings, parties, bucks nights and general piss-ups on this month I would definitely take part.

Down – Hot Summer Nights – It’s too hot to sleep beneath the sheets, but there are too many mosquitoes not too.