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February Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on January 27, 2012 in

Up – Helicopters – Great for those of you who can afford to own one, especially when you need to get from Peats Ridge to Berrara.

Down – Seaweed – Going for a swim is particularly unpleasant when the water is chock-full of kelp.

Up – Aqua Ear – Anyone who frequents the beach will attest to the greatness of this stuff when it comes to clearing the ears.

Down – Restaurant No-Shows – If you book a big table at a restaurant then fail to show up you are a prick.

Up – Jimbaran – This little bit of Bali on Avoca Street in Randwick satisfies the cravings in between Indo trips.

Down – The Death of the Burger – Getting a cheap burger in Bondi got a lot tougher last month when Top Tucker closed its doors.

Up – Cloudstreet – The Tim Winton book turned pay TV series is on DVD and we recommend buying it.

Down – Shark Hysteria – A zillion people go to the beach, a couple get bitten and all of a sudden the papers are going nuts.

Up – February 29 – It only comes about once every four years so we really should celebrate it.