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Four Fashion Tips For Insanely Busy Women

By Sharmin Musca, Personal Stylist on June 11, 2015 in Other

Photos: Sharmin Musca

Photos: Sharmin Musca

Life seems to be insanely busy at the moment, juggling work, social commitments, family and a time-consuming renovation. To those people who’ve been telling me how difficult they find dressing with any sense of purpose when they’re stressed, I hear you.

Getting dressed in the morning should be a pleasant experience that leaves you smiling back at yourself as you look into the mirror, not just another thing on your to-do list. If you’re looking for help (and I’m also reminding myself here) I’ve listed four really easy ways to look ‘well put together’ no matter how packed your schedule is…

1. Make sure your clothes are appropriately tailored. The value of tailoring cannot be overstated. If you have a wardrobe filled with clothes that actually fit, no matter what you throw on you will look like you take care of your appearance. A tailor is a surprisingly affordable investment that will carry you through your darkest sartorial days, so make one your new BFF.

2. If you’re a busy woman, you need to have at least three pairs of heels in your arsenal that you know you can stand or walk in for hours. Those with a supportive sole and block heel usually do the trick, but well placed gel inserts can also ease the pain of mid to high and pointy heels. Look to buy heels with a platform beneath the sole. These give you height but lessen the angle of your foot and offer more cushioning, reducing pressure.

3. Reach for a little black dress when you feel like you have nothing to wear. There’s a reason all the magazines say every woman needs a good LBD – because it’s true! If you have at least one trusty option to turn to on your rough days, the investment will pay off again and again.

4. Never leave the house without jewellery. When you’re in a rush it’s easy to forget to grab that necklace you love or that bangle everyone notices. It happens to the best of us. But a woman without jewellery is like hot chocolate without the marshmallow – still hot chocolate, yes, but not nearly as exciting.

On the streets this month I found:

Name: Vanessa
Lives: Double Bay
Occupation: Retail sales
Fave Item This Season: Misuzi jewellery
Street Style: Vanessa layers a silk tank, DiD denim shirt and rabbit fur vest all from Museum as are her leather pants. She wears a Nike High Dunk Wedge and carries a Zoda Bag.

Name: Kerry
Lives: Queens Park
Occupation: Bondi Bathers owner
Fave Item This Season: Drop crotch jersey pant by Casakuma
Street Style: Kerry chills in Bassike jeans, a top by Naked Saint, Witchery leather jacket and Converse shoes. She carries a Lokoa clutch from Bondi Bathers and wears sunnies by Glarce.