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January 2017 Thumbs

By Dan Hutton on January 12, 2017 in Other

Danger! High voltage! When we touch, when we kiss.

Danger! High voltage! When we touch, when we kiss.


Electrical Storms – Sitting in Clovelly car park (or other suitable oceanside vantage points) and watching the lightning is one of summer’s great joys.

Panty Postman – If you didn’t get the missus a subscription for sexy knickers for Xmas, it’s not too late to do so for Valentine’s Day. Visit

Test Cricket – Is there anything better than a five-day block of world class cricket? If you answered ‘yes’, you are wrong. Test cricket rules, okay!

A Brand Spanking New Year – If you had a shitty 2016, you can now happily forget about it and start preparing for a less shitty 2017. Hurrah!

Long, Hot Days – Late evening swims, backyard barbecues, singlets, stubbies and thongs. Long, hot days are what The Beast yearns for and now they are here.


Asthma Storms – At last check, eight people had died in Melbourne as a result of November’s so-called ‘asthma storm’. That’s pretty bloody scary.

Sticky Sheets – Get your mind out of the gutter! We’re talking about the result of hot, humid summer nights, not some debaucherous bedroom romp.

The Death of Print – Dolly magazine disappeared from newsstands last month. What will be next? Will The Beast survive? Of course we bloody will!

Childcare Centre Closures – Those few weeks over Christmas/New Year when you can’t send your kids to childcare are complete torture. Agreed?

Adulting – Do we really have to grow up? Being an adult sucks. Can’t we just behave like children forever and forget about the worries of the world?