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June Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on June 17, 2014 in Other

Up – Employees – I’m sure they have their downside, but passing the shit jobs you used to do yourself on to someone else is the best.

Down – Dominoes Motorbike Parking – Thanks to Dominoes for practically taking up every single motorbike parking spot on Coogee Bay Road.

Up – Billionaire Biffo – There was something incredibly normalising about seeing two ridiculously rich blokes go toe-to-toe.

Down – Cold Season – ‘Tis the season to spread germs between one another within confined spaces such as offices, pubs and gyms.

Up – Lemon, Ginger, Honey – These three ingredients are pretty much the circle of life once cold season sets in. Just add hot water.

Down – Phlegm – To swallow or not to swallow? That is the question. It just seems so rude to spit the putrid yellow/green slime out on the street.

Up – The Bondi Ice Rink – It ain’t the Rockerfeller or Central Park, but the sun should be shining and you can’t beat the Bondi backdrop.

Down – Mobile Phone Data Usage – This is the biggest rort in the history of telecommunications. It just gets more and more expensive.

Up – Tim Winton – Australia’s best author will be speaking at the Bronte Surf Club on June 15. Get your tickets at

Down – Motorbike Thieves – To the pricks who tried to nick my postie (and instead just cut all my wiring), I dislike you immensely.