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Letter Of The Month: Christians Deserve A Fair Go

By Linda Baraciolli of Randwick on December 20, 2011 in Other

Hi, I have just seen your latest issue (December 2011) and am quite shocked at a piece of advertising (page 3) for the Beach Burrito Company.

As a Christian (and not a Bible basher), I am appalled that a traditional symbol of love and worship, the praying Our Lady, can be abused in this way, and especially at Christmas, a time when Christians in Australia and around the world honour the mother of Jesus. Clearly the advertising is disrespectful and unscrupulous, immature and stupid.

As the publisher of such a piece of advertising, I believe The Beast has made a significant error of judgement. Would The Beast have printed the advertisement had it tampered with Allah?

Would there have been just the slightest caution, given the track record of Muslims when it comes to offending the image of Allah? Why is it that Christians and the Christian faith are fair game?

As a true blue Aussie magazine, it makes me very angry and disappointed that The Beast can’t even apply the smallest amount of ‘fair go’ attitude to Christianity, and a good measure of sound judgement when it comes to screening input from contributors (even if they are paying for a full page advertisement).

Just because the Eastern Suburbs is synonymous with high incomes, expensive cars and renovated homes, doesn’t mean that Jesus-loving people don’t live here. We are part of this community and our faith deserves to be treated with respect.

I would appreciate The Beast printing a formal apology to Christians in the next issue, or at the very least printing whatever portion of this message that fits into your Letters to the Editor, because Christianity deserves a fair go.

The Response

Hi Linda,

The image you are referring to is an extremely popular image used in South America and other Latin countries. It is a representation of Santa Muerte or Guadalupe as Day of the Dead, which is the first week of November.

Day of the Dead is a week-long festival where the Latin nations celebrate their dead friends and relatives.

Guadalupe or Santa Muerte are often depicted in this way. The images convey a sense of you being watched over by her in the afterlife. There are many images in this style, such as Christ on the cross, the twelve Apostles, etc.

I’m sorry that it offends you but these Latin countries are extremely religious and the majority are Catholic. I’m not sure if you have noticed but within all of my restaurants you will always see Mother Mary and Guadalupe watching over and spreading their love.

You have misinterpreted the ad, me and my business. Please follow this link and you can read more about Santa Muerte: Santa_Muerte

The resemblance Guadalupe, Sante Muerte and the Virgin Mary have is not uncanny. You may like to start your research here:


Blake Read
Managing Director
Beach Burrito Company