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March 2017 Thumbs

By Dan Hutton on March 14, 2017 in Other

It's getting hot in here...

It’s getting hot in here…


Cool Changes – After a week of thirty-plus, a change does you good. A small part of us is looking forward to the extended cool change that is autumn.

YouTube Tutorials – The closest you’ll come to learning something ‘Matrix-style’. You can literally teach yourself anything on the popular video service.

Earth Hour – Turning off all your electrical goods for one hour a year may not change the world immediately, but it helps spread a bloody important message.

The Bronte Swing – The Gardyne Street tree swing is a great initiative built by a generous Bronte local. Please don’t pull it down Waverley Council.

Taste of Sydney – If you like fancy food at affordable prices, you’ll like the Taste of Sydney festival. It’s on in Centennial Park from March 9-12. Get there.


Heat Waves – We’re all for a bit of warmth, but January and early February were nigh on unbearable. Maybe global warming is a bad thing after all.

Power Outages – We thought the world had ended when that big storm in early Feb brought down a branch at Beast HQ, which in turn cut our power.

Summer’s End – As hot and humid as you were, dear friend, it is always sad to say goodbye to you. Come back soon in all your sunny, boozy, sweaty glory.

Uncourteous Drivers – Is it that hard to be a decent human once you get behind the wheel? Please try not to turn into a c**t once the key turns in the ignition.

Bronte Cutting Car Park – Hardly an issue, but in summer the cutting car park is hell on earth. We blame the clubbies and their 17 dedicated parking spots.