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March Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on March 18, 2014 in Other


Up – Grandparents – All parents know that the proximity of your children’s grandparents is directly correlated to your overall happiness.

Down – TIWM Syndrome – Fluff-covered victims of ‘Tissue In Washing Machine Syndrome’ will know exactly what we’re talking about here.

Up – Vinyl – There’s something very relaxing about sliding a record from its sleeve, blowing the dust off and dropping the needle.

Down – Shark Culling – Karma says that if we kill sharks for the hell of it they will start killing us humans for the same reason. Don’t fu**k with karma.

Up – The Mighty Roosters – The Roosters’ premiership defence gets underway on Thursday, March 6 against the Rabbitohs. Who else is excited?!

Down – The NSW Development Process – What’s the point of community consultations if that state government can just overturn the result?

Up – Bluetooth Speakers – It may be giving us all brain tumours but wireless technology is so good, especially when it comes to blasting out tunes.

Down – Baby Cuckoos – Possibly the loudest, most annoying birds in the world. Shut your stupid squawking trap you silly bird!

Up – The Spot Festival – Get down to ‘The Spot’ in Randwick on March 16 for an awesome day of food, drinks, and live entertainment.

Down – Environmental Vandalism – All this shark culling, Great Barrier Reef dumping, and World Heritage list revoking is a real cause for concern.