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May Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on May 2, 2012 in Other

A very large man.

Up – Ukuleles – Easy to learn, fun to play and a delight to listen to, even when played by amateurs like us!

Down – Timeline – Sorry Facebook, we do not like this Timeline ‘phenomenon’ that you have forced upon us.

Up – Compost Week – May 7-12 is International Compost Awareness Week. Find out more at

Down – Doctors’ Waiting Rooms – Not only do you have to wait for an age, you’re surrounded by sick people!

Up – Garage Sales – Your trash may well be someone else’s treasure so join the Garage Sale Trail on May 5.

Down – Needles – Even after thirty-odd years on the planet, getting an injection (or four) is an incredibly nerve-wracking process.

Up –Borneo – One half of The Beast (Dan) will be there while you’re reading this. Jealous much?

Down – Coogee Loading Zones – Didn’t even realise I was parked in one. Copped a $147 fine.

Up – Autumn Weather/Surf – Summer can go and get knotted. We’ve fallen for what the Yanks call fall.