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November Thumbs

By Dan Hutton on November 19, 2014 in Other

Up – The Bunnies – After 43 years, the South Sydney Rabbitohs are NRL premiers. Credit where credit is due we reckon.

Down – Ads On Instagram – As if there weren’t already enough ads on Instagram from its users, now they will be sneaking more ads in.

Up – Cirque Du Soleil – Totem, the latest offering from the crazy Canadian acrobatic theatrics experts opens on October 28. Don’t miss it!

Down – Cold Pressed Juice – I’m sorry, but $7.50 is way too much to pay for 350mL of fruit juice, regardless of how it is prepared.

Up – Moustaches – They were uncool, then cool, now they’re neither here nor there, but Movember is a good cause, so grow one regardless.

Down – Splinters – As much as we love getting about barefoot in the warmer months, there’s nothing fun about getting a splinter.

Up – Removing Splinters – The removal, however, is another story altogether. Is it weird that we love digging these blighters out of our hooves?

Down – The Coffee Purge – There’s nothing worse than downing your morning coffee and finding that you’re nowhere near a decent bathroom.

Up – Touch Footy – If you love getting dumped on, the summer season at Queens Park has begun and the mighty Ratpack is going for a hat-trick.

Down – Stinky Shoes – All those people who are too lazy to chuck on a pair socks know that shoe stink increases ten-fold once the warm weather hits.