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November Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on November 2, 2012 in Other

Up – The Swans – At the start of the season, who would’ve thought the Swans would win this year? Not us!

Down – The $234 Fine – After pulling over for about 10 seconds to drop a mate off on a quiet arvo in Bronte. Die parking rangers!

Up – Civic2Surf Runners – Congrats to the 60 relay runners who ran from Canberra to Sydney in 24 hours. A great effort.

Down – Mechanical Issues –There is nothing more frustrating than having to fork out a fortune to fix your car.

Up – Airport Parking – We never thought we’d be giving this a thumbs up but they are finally getting there shit together at Mascot.

Down – Video Referees – Wasn’t the removal of simple errors the whole point of employing video referees? Hopeless!

Up – Tom Piotrowski’s Beard – the television economist not only has a ponytail, he’s also sporting a beard these days and we love it!

Down – Gangnam Style – We are well and truly sick of hearing this stupid song and the silly dance that accompanies it.

Up – Cordial – One of our favourite things about the warmer months is slurping back cold glasses of sugar-laden, flavoured water.

Down – Weird Jill Meagher Facebook Pages – Anyone else find all those Jill Meagher memorial pages a little creepy?