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Phebe Starr Is Born

By Ash London on December 12, 2012 in Other

Photo: Ringo Starr

Electro is cool these days. I get it. Everyone’s doing mix-tapes and using loop machines and converting their garages into home studios. We’ve collectively shunned the singer-songwriters and opted for cool, ‘fresh beats’, which is a good thing for artists like Phebe Starr, who also happens to be able to write a bangin’ pop tune, work the synths like a boss, play a couple instruments, and pull it all off before your eyes in a glorious live set.

Her debut single ‘Alone With You’ is, in a word, gorgeous. With high rotation on Triple J, one of the coolest debut music videos I’ve ever seen, and a new single on the way, Phebe has lots to be excited about. Hot off the heels of her tour with Ball Park Music, we spent five minutes with the platinum-bobbed songstress and chatted everything from small town karaoke to her undying love of Sufjan…

I’d like to think that my music is… fresh!

I always thought my music would be… raw and acoustic and it a way it still is but with massive drums and synthesizers!

My earliest music memory is… my dad singing as we cleaned the house as a family.

Growing up, my parents listened to… Johnny Cash, Elvis Costello, James Taylor, B52’s, Janis Joplin – Dad was into classic country and Mum was into rock and roll!

The moment I knew I wanted to be a musician was when… apparently I was two and it was one of the first things I said: “I’m going to be a rockstar” – ha ha.

There was this one time when I was starting out that… I had to sing karaoke because there was only one pub in my town and that was the only way I could perform. I still remember my arch-nemesis singing Eagle Rock. They didn’t have much of a repertoire so I sang a Human Nature song and Ben by Michael Jackson – they were my go-to songs. My sister sang Nothing Compares To You every week! Move over Sinead.

If I could have written any song, it would be… Happy Birthday To You or Thriller.

Boybands are… like flames and instant tattoos – so ‘90s! I still love Hanson though.

My biggest fan has got to be… the person who keeps tagging me wherever I go. I don’t know who it is and it’s kind of scary.

If you come and see me play, you can expect… a bass player who looks like he is in Hanson amongst an atmospheric show experience with lots of new noises, me singing, electronic drums, space costumes and a Maneki-neko.

The best gig I’ve ever been to… was Sufjan Stevens at the Sydney Opera House… so good!

My dream gig… is on Mars.

My first single is… Alone With You – go get it now!

Catch Phebe on tour with Cub Scouts when she plays Goodgod Small Club on Thursday, December 13. Tickets are available from To find out more about Phebe Starr visit