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September Thumbs

By Dan Hutton on September 13, 2016 in Other

Juiced up?

Juiced up?


THE OLYMPICS – We completely forgot to mention the Olympics in the last edition of The Beast, but that’s not to say we don’t love the Games!

NEW ARRIVALS – The Beast family will be growing by one at the end of September, so if the quality of the mag slips, don’t blame us, blame the kid.

SPRING VIBES – Everyone is in a better mood in spring, which is a blessing because we’re sick and tired of moping around like miserable old men

LACHLAN LAM – The Clovelly Crocs junior recently carved up against England as part of the Australian Schoolboys rugby league side. He’s one to watch.

CANBERRA – The nation’s capital has come a long way in past few years. Think op notch hotels, awesome cafés and restaurants, and fun for all ages.


BONDI SWASTIKAS – To the clowns who drew swastikas all over the place in Bondi, it’s not funny, nor clever. Take a good hard look at yourselves.

PLASTIC STRAWS – These cylindrical plastic vessels of death are doing harm to the environment. Stop using them and shops will stop supplying them.

DRUG CHEATS – If there is one thing that I leant from watching the Olympics, it’s that drug cheats are bad. Coincidentally, they’re often communists too.

CHICKEN POX SCARES – The emotional turmoil a family goes through when they think their kid has the pox may be worse than the actual pox themselves.

CHLAMYDIA – It’s arguably the best of the STIs (limited symptoms, easily cured, etc.), but rumour has it there’s an epidemic in the Eastern Suburbs right now.