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September Thumbs

By The Up and Down Man on September 17, 2013 in Other

Up – Spring Cleaning – Now is the time to throw out all the useless shit that you’ve acquired over the last year. Bliss!

Down – Weekend Coastal Walk Warriors – It’s called the coastal ‘walk’ for a reason dickheads. Huff and puff elsewhere on the weekend.

Up – Decision Time – The election date has been set for September 7. Unless you want Clive Palmer in power, don’t waste your vote.

Down – DRS – England were undoubtedly better than the Aussies but the Decision Review System certainly didn’t help our cause.

Up – Midnight Oil – Hopefully now that Peter Garrett has had his political fun he can go back to what he’s best at: making music!

Down – Hong Ha – We’re yet to get down there, but apparently Mascot’s biggest asset has opened an outlet in Coogee

Up – Papua New Guinea – No we’re not advocating K-Rudd’s refugee solution, we just booked a surf trip to Vanimo

Down – The 4-Hour Work Week – Read the book, still working ridiculous hours. Author Timothy Ferris can go f**k himself!

Up – Our Work Experience Legend – Thanks to Sam Bailey from Marcellin College for helping us out during the month!

Down – Motorbike Parking Madness – Fining bikes for parking in ticketed zones is just ridiculous when there are so few motorbike parking areas.