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The Lucky Groom

By Todd Maguire on September 26, 2015 in Other

Photo: Matt Rimoni

Photo: Matt Rimoni

Ben’s smile was infectious. He surely was the luckiest man alive. His beautiful girlfriend Jenny had enthusiastically agreed to be his lawfully wedded wife. He was over the moon. His mates were very happy for the couple, but they had a few reservations. Jenny had a reputation of being a bit of a player. They didn’t want to see their mate make a bad decision and carefully they told him how they felt.

“Those days are behind her,” he reported to the friends. “We’ve both been around the traps and had a very good run, but those days are over now. We are both committed to this marriage.”

Ben was proud of his mates and their concern, and he let them know, but his mates were still not convinced. Jenny had been a good sport and her long list of bedded men was quite astounding. She had played up like a second hand watch and they were convinced she was still doing some private entertaining behind Ben’s back. Like a dog with a bone, they couldn’t let the thoughts go. Ben also had his momentary doubts, but he seemed to be able move on from them.

The wedding day arrived and the bride and groom were picture perfect. They looked amazing and appeared to be lost in love. At the extravagant reception, family and friends offered their best as they competed to give the most flattering toasts to the couple. A beautiful slide show of their time together was presented. It would have brought a tear to a glass eye.

One highlight of the evening was the father of the bride’s toast. He not only gave away his youngest daughter, he also gave the couple a set of car keys each. The keys were to two new Mercedes cars parked at the new home he had also bought them for Christmas. The father wasn’t short of a quid and he had the generosity of Mother Theresa. The newlyweds were extremely appreciative at the gesture.

Ben had already toasted the bride earlier, but stood one more time to add another toast.

“Firstly,” he started. “I would like to thank you all for your best wishes. Today has been the best day ever and I look forward to this wonderful new life. I have prepared a small slide show of my own, so please enjoy.”

The slide show began and from the first frame there was a deathly silence. Taking his mates’ advice, Ben had allowed them to keep an eye on Jenny and they managed to take a few sneaky photos of the bride in compromising positions with a selection of men.

The slide show finished. To break the silence, Ben casually continued his toast directly aimed at his new wife.

“You truly are a bitch of a woman. I knew you played up in your day, but these photos were only taken last week. I would like to thank my mates for their support, but mostly I would like to thank your dad. Not only has he given me half a mansion in Coogee, but now I have a brand new car as well.”

Ben skulled his beer and toasted the aghast father-in-law.

“Cheers, big ears!”

Ben ripped up the marriage certificate and threw his wedding ring at his bad egg of a wife. He put on his jacket, grabbed his loyal mates and proudly headed out of the reception with his trademark smile beaming.