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Thumbs – July 2016

By Dan Hutton on July 15, 2016 in Other

Russell 'The Serial Killer' Bierke

Russell ‘The Serial Killer’ Bierke


Red Bull Cape Fear – This Mark Mathews organised surfing contest was probably the most entertaining sporting spectacle we have ever season.

Out of Office Notifications – The most courteous way of saying, “We probably won’t be replying to your email any time soon. Sorry (not sorry).”

Bastille Day – July 14 is the one day a year you can gorge yourself on cheese, bread and red wine, and legitimately say that it’s for the sake of ‘culture’.

Democracy – Next time you whinge about politics, take a moment to appreciate the fact that we’ve got it better than most of the rest of the world.

Christmas in July – Granted, it’s a pretty weird tradition, but who are we to pass on double Christmas? Pass the cranberry sauce would you cobber?


The Super Storm – While some of the resulting carnage made for entertaining viewing, there was nothing pleasant about the destruction it caused.

Slow walkers – From the person who stands on the walking side of the escalator, to the dude ambling at a glacial pace on the sidewalk, they all suck.

Donkey Votes – We agree that neither of the main options is particularly great, but please don’t waste your vote. At the very least flip a coin.

Election Pamphlets – Chances are we won’t to change our political opinions because of a few promises on a cheaply printed flyer in the mailbox.

Social acceptability – Sick of silly mandates like ‘Ugg boots are uncool’ or ‘daily drinking is a problem’? Screw ‘em! When you ignore things, they don’t exist.