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Thumbs – October 2016

By Dan Hutton on October 14, 2016 in Food

End of an era at Jed's

End of an era at Jed’s


Jed’s Foodstore – This favourite of The Beast closed its doors last month. A big thumbs up to all the good times and good feeds we had there.

Sculpture by the Sea
– The Eastern Beaches get their annual dose of culture this month when ‘Sculptures’ returns to out shores on October 20.

Jumping Castles – Did you know that you can hire a jumping castle for four hours for less than 150 bucks? Yep, it’s true. Get the credit card out now!

October Long Weekend – All long weekends are good, but when they come with two grand finals (AFL on Saturday, NRL on Sunday) they’re even better.

Evening Sunlight – Daylight saving kicks in again in the wee hours of October 2, so you’ll no longer have to head to work and return home in darkness.


Slow Coastal Walk Repairs
– We’re not blaming anyone. We just want the bloody thing fixed so we can enjoy the coastal walk. Is that too much to ask?

Rental Prices – A mate of ours just rented his two-bedder in Bondi out for $1200 a week on a 12-month lease. No parking space. No views. Crazy.

The Census – We still haven’t done ours. We just can’t be bothered, to be honest. I guess the fine is in the mail now. Anyone know any good lawyers?

China – We know this is a bit contentious, but does anyone else get the feeling that China, the nation, is f**king with us? Is that racist? We hope not.

Instant Noodles – We love instant noodles, but the fact that they contain the equivalent salt content eight packets of salted Smith’s crisps can’t be good.