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Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

By Dan Hutton on August 23, 2011 in Other

Thumbs Up – Cadel Evans – The first Aussie to win the Tour de France at the end of July and what an amazing race it was.

Thumbs Down – Cadel Evans’ Personality – As much as we were rooting for the cleft-chinned cyclist, we didn’t exactly warm to him.

Thumbs Up – Pure Bronte – An amazing video shot by Tama’s Marcus O’Brien. To view it visit

Thumbs Down – Ant Infestations – Note to ants: You are outside creatures. Please vacate my kitchen or start paying rent!

Thumbs Up – Dads – It’s Father’s Day on Sunday, September 4, so be sure to tell your old man that he’s the best.

Thumbs Down – Renovation Shows – All these renovation shows and we can’t even afford a bloody house!

Thumbs Up – Spring Carnival – Horse racing hits Randwick once again this month so be sure to get your backside trackside.

Thumbs Down – Rowdy Racegoers – Can all the drunken westies please piss off to Dapto for the dish-lickers instead of invading Randwick?

Thumbs Up – Power Tools – Nothing makes you feel more manly than wielding a power tool and creating/destroying something.