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By Sharmin Musca, Personal Stylist on April 25, 2017 in Other

Left: Nonny from Bondi Junction; Right: Jay from Bondi Beach.

Left: Nonny from Bondi Junction; Right: Jay from Bondi Beach.

It wasn’t so long ago that the fashion forward men and women of the world would wait for the latest copy of Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar to report on the latest hemlines or sleeve lengths shown in Paris before they rushed out to replicate them. Back then the concept of style wasn’t individual; the way to appear stylish was to copy the fashion of the day.

Now there are so many simultaneous styles on offer. New looks drop in-store while others continue to trend… and trend; from major trends, to mini-trends through to micro-trends. As the timeline and essence of trends have evolved, style has been replicated, duplicated, imitated and turned, essentially, into a blog. In this age full of bloggers, Pinterest and Instagram, we’re showered with fashion imagery. Who’s to say what’s on trend and what is not anymore?

Sure, we still have Vogue and all the other magazines that drive fashion and its reportage, but we’ve got so many more new outlets that there’s a risk of over-saturation.

Someone asked me the other day about the ‘latest’ look for autumn and I thought: ”Is there actually a ‘latest’ look or is it really the latest take on a look that’s been here many times before?”

So what to wear then? I tell my clients to wear what makes them feel stylish, not just something that they’ve seen work on their best friend or someone at work. That means accepting your unique body shape (right now, not after you lose five kilos), acknowledging your budget, lifestyle and personality, and wearing what suits you.

Style is so much more about confidence than it is about the pieces themselves. When you wear things you feel authentic and comfortable in, that’s when others will see you as effortlessly stylish.

On the streets I found:

NAME Nonny
LIVES Bondi Junction
OCCUPATION Events manager
STREET STYLE Nonny wears jacket, dress and bag from H&M, Le Sports sunnies and Converse.
FAVE ITEM FOR THE SEASON A thigh length camel coloured structured jacket.

LIVES Bondi Beach
OCCUPATION Engineering technician
STREET STYLE Jay wears a Superdry shirt, Zara pants, sunnies from Bondi Markets and Havaianas thongs.
FAVE ITEM FOR THE SEASON My Maui Jim Mavericks with blue lenses.