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How Young Do You Feel, Look Or Dress?

By Sharmin Musca, Personal Stylist on September 18, 2014 in Other

Photos: Sharmin Musca

Photos: Sharmin Musca

Have you ever asked yourself if you’re as young as you feel, look or dress? I pondered this question last night as I inspected a grey hair I’d pulled from my head. I’m not far off the supposedly dreaded 40, so why don’t I feel like I’m soon to cross over to the dark side?

I admit hangovers are getting harder to bounce back from, but I feel young and I like to think that I am still in pretty good shape. So it’s been challenging lately to ask myself: Am I too old to wear this? I’ve begun a very raw self-realisation that while I’ll always be the youngest in our circle of friends, I’m actually not as young as I thought and I now need to consider how others perceive me. I’m not going to start dressing like my mother, but I will be reconsidering how much flesh I’ll show on my trip to Bali next month.

Getting older is not as big a deal as I’d originally anticipated. I have more money to spend on my wardrobe than I ever did in my 20s, I have a more sophisticated and discerning eye for fashion and personal style, and I know my body so well that I can tell if a piece is going to work for me without taking it off the rack.

For the ladies who feel younger than they look, I’ve got some style tips that might help you:

1. Don’t be too nostalgic – You may have looked good in it 15 years ago, but that doesn’t mean you should keep it. Too often during a wardrobe audit my clients want to hang onto things that don’t fit right because they have sentimental value. If possible, have these pieces tailored, otherwise donate them to charity or store them as memories, not as part of your working wardrobe.

2. Don’t wear your hair too long – Many women associate flowing locks with youth, and short, cropped styles with maturity. As you get older and begin to lose fat in your face, long, straight hair can actually make you look more drawn, and without layers your hair won’t have movement and bounce.

3. Don’t wear fully fitted outfits – Wearing pieces that don’t work well together is unflattering for all ages, and can add years to an otherwise youthful appearance. If you want to wear a skinny silhouette on your bottom half, choose a more forgiving, flowing piece on top. Or vice versa. Don’t wear totally tight ensembles; it’s not in anyone’s best interest.

4. Don’t do too much black – Black is slimming and appropriate for many occasions, but as women age, skin becomes paler – wearing black can create a harsh contrast that emphasises wrinkles and dark shadows around the eyes. Add a pop of colour like a statement necklace to lessen the washed-out effect.

5. Don’t hide yourself – Don’t self-consciously hide your body underneath a shapeless blazer; you’ll actually make yourself look heavier. A well-cut jacket that nips in at the waist and is shorter in length offers a more flattering silhouette.

6. Don’t wear too much jersey fabric – Jersey fabric doesn’t create the best shape because it’s so clingy. If you love it because it’s comfortable, opt for double-knitted jersey, which is a denser fabric that still has a bit of stretch, or go for a draped piece that skims rather than hugs curves.

On the streets this month I found:

Name: Helen
Lives: Bondi
Occupation: Fashion blogger (@BOHOCHIC_NLT)
Fave Item for the season: Reiss leather and suede jacket
Street Style: Helen wears a jumpsuit by Honey & Beau, a denim jacket and mules from Topshop Australia and a fedora from H&M Europe.

Name: Andrea
Lives: Bondi
Occupation: Fashion blogger (@LEATHERANDLATTES)
Fave Item for the season: Ray-Ban aviators
Street Style: Andrea wears a jacket from Topshop, skirt by Minty Meets Munt top by Window Lane, Boots by Senso, Ray-Ban sunglasses and a Daniel Wellington watch.