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All Trended Out 2013?

By Sharmin Musca, Personal Stylist on February 12, 2013 in People

Photo: Sharmin Musca

Remember back when it seemed like everyone was getting around in a pair of ‘Daisy Duke’ denim cut-offs? Or when both mothers and daughters alike were baring their midriffs in navel revealing crop tops? Fashion was so simple to interpret back in the 1990s and early 2000s. Each season threw up a new ‘must-have’ piece and an obvious wardrobe purge: out with flared jeans, in with skinnies, for example.

Contrast this with the current trends for Summer 2013, which range from boyfriend styles to ladylike chic. Fabrics are both soft and slinky as well as textured and tough; colours range from bold and bright to a classic black and white palette; and there are so many silhouettes – from short minis and sexy, dress shorts to long flowing maxis. In what can sometimes feel like fashion overload, a barrage of trends have been sent down the runway simultaneously.

But it isn’t necessarily a bad thing for fashion as this allows designers to be more creative, not less. Nowadays, while one style might be more prevalent than another, nothing is quite ‘out’. And with the increasing popularity of ‘street style’ fashion, perhaps the clear trends of the past will start to dissolve.

Fashion blogs and street style pages in magazines offer more than models in designer garb. With off-runway access to fashionable people who know how to look chic and reflect their personal style we see many more style icons than the single muse that used to dominate the season. There are now more options and with multiple trends, each has a longer life, so no one has to look alike or squeeze into unflattering ‘must-have’ items just because a few fashion editors deem it so.

What to wear in 2013? It’s all about personal style. Focus on a bigger picture than the one snapped at the end of a catwalk. Think about the way you dress and make sure to reflect your personality rather than mimic a passing trend. Make this the year to confidently express yourself.

On the streets this month I found:

Name: Simone
Lives: Randwick
Occupation: Student
Fave Item This Season: High-waisted A-line skirt by Gorman.
Street Style: Simone wears a Rodeo Show print dress and bangles, shoes by ATP (Tuchuzy) and bag by Rebecca Minkoff (NY).

Name: Eleanor
Lives: Bondi
Occupation: Beauty editor
Fave Item This Season: Bright orange neoprene swimmers by ATG.
Street Style: Eleanor rocks a shirt by Insight, shorts by Friend of Mine, ACNE boots and a bag by Alexander Wang.