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August Frother – Richard Freeman

By Christie Bennett on August 13, 2013 in People

Photo: Brad Malyon

Photo: Brad Malyon

Kiwi born Bronte resident Richard Freeman spends most of his time behind a camera or on a surfboard but rarely gets to combine the two passions…

Name: Richard Freeman

Age: 41

Goofy or natural: Natural

Local break: Jeez, tough one. I’ve been in Bronte ten years but I’m still feeling my way into the line-up. I’m very comfortable out at Tama though.

Board Shaper: Merrick, JS, AH… I just buy ‘em off the rack when they feel good under the arm.

Board Dimensions: My current favorite is my new 6’0″ x 20” x 2.5” flyer. I’m 6’1″ and 90kg so the float is very user friendly!

Where is your all-time favourite surf spot?
My favourite local spot is Macca’s when it’s on, but overseas I’d say Cloudbreak for lefts and Jeffreys Bay for a right.

You work as a photographer; what field are you in?
I’m just another Eastern Suburbs fashion photographer, but I’ve been working on a few personal projects too. These are more abstract landscapes; an exploration of space and quiet.

We’ve seen your name in STAB Mag quite a bit; do you only shoot fashion or do you sometimes shoot surf?
Ha! Yes, I’ve tried my hand at shooting surfing. Derek Rielly and Sam Macintosh from STAB very kindly got me along to shoot for them in a wave pool in the Canary Islands. I kind of cheated. We rigged up the pool with cinema lights and shot at night to document silhouettes of different airs and grabs. It was quite challenging and damn tricky! I’m in awe of surf photographers, especially the guys who swim and shoot.

Would you rather be behind the lens or out in the water?
If the surf is pumping, I’m out there, but I also enjoy nothing more than walking with a camera and getting lost in the world.

If you could arrange the ultimate photo shoot, where would it be, with whom and why?
I’ve always wanted to shoot in Iceland. Growing up in New Zealand I’m drawn to dramatic landscapes and Iceland in the summer looks phenomenal. The perfect trip would be shooting for a fashion magazine then taking another two weeks to wander the countryside and shoot personal work.

Do you have any last words?
Congratulations to Brad and Christie from Frothers on the birth of their first child, Aart Malyon. I’m so thrilled for you both!