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Frother of the Month – Adam Yu

By Dan Hutton on March 13, 2015 in People

Photo: Justin Besser

Photo: Justin Besser

Nickname: Adam Yewwww, Yuey
Occupation: Fun-employed creator of The Why You Collective
Age: 30
Local Break: Bondi Beach
Board types: 5’10” DP Goldfish and a 5’10” Softech foamie
Goofy or Natural: Natural (I wish I could say my style was natural)

Where are you originally from?
I grew up in southwest Sydney, near Campbelltown, and moved to Bondi seven years ago.

How long ago did you start surfing and why?
I got my first surfboard when I was 17, right after I got my licence. All of Mum’s sisters lived between Coledale and Corrimal, so our school holidays and a lot of weekends were spent around the Wollongong beaches. I’ve loved the ocean ever since I was a kid. It wasn’t all bad growing up away from it. There were other unreal things like racing motorcycles I was lucky enough to be brought up with. But summer and 10kg of racing gear doesn’t mix well so I wanted another outlet for adventure on the weekends, and surfing became that outlet.

Now, you are about to embark into one crazy adventure: tell us more!
I’m running from Bondi Beach to the airport, jumping on a plane to Barcelona and then running 3,000km to Amsterdam, asking people daily across the world why they do what they do and sharing their stories. It’s a project about self-reflection and reminding yourself/remembering how what you do links back to your purpose. The run will also be helping to raise awareness of the work Arts Access Australia (AAA) are doing to create equal access to the arts for all Australians, particularly those with disability.

Are you supported or sponsored in any way, shape or form?
Financially the trip is 100% supported by myself. I will be alone with a backpack the whole way. An old friend Johnny McLean of Lusty Industries and Distributors ( is supplying me with Ogio Backpacks for the run and I am putting out the feelers for some other product sponsors at the moment.

Is this the first time you’ve done something this epic?
This is definitely the first time I’ve really bet on myself to make something happen. I’m definitely scared.

What are you most excited about and the most scared of?
I’m most excited about the people I’ll meet and hearing their stories. Seeing Europe by foot will be amazing too. Getting injured and ‘failing’ early in the piece will devastate me.

What are you plans post-Amsterdam?
I run back into Bondi on the September 13, so a beer and surf is my immediate plan.

Any last words?
Let your happiness lead you…