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Frother of the Month – Chiara Gamboz

By Franck Gazzola on September 19, 2014 in People

Photo: Franck Gazzola -

Photo: Franck Gazzola –

Name: Chiara
Occupation: Casual academic
Age: 36
Local Break: Bondi
Board types: 5’8” Al Merrick Pod
Stance: Goofy

Where are you from?
I’m from Trieste, a lovely coastal town in northeast Italy, near the border with Slovenia. There are lovely places on the hills where you can drink white wine and eat peaches in the evening while overlooking the sea where the fishermen’s boats are all lit up.

What brought you to the Eastern Suburbs?
It was a love at first sight while I was holidaying in Sagres, in the southern Algarve of Portugal. He sang Men At Work’s ‘Down Under’, which I visited shortly afterwards!

How long ago did you start surfing?
I started surfing seven years ago when I was in Sagres. I went on a surf camp with a really good friend of mine after visiting Lisbon – her name is Chiara as well, so they used to call us the double Chiaras. We had just finished our studies and had planned a holiday together. In Trieste, windsurfing and sailing are more popular than surfing (we don’t have many waves, unfortunately), but I think that at that time surfing was becoming more popular and known in Italy as a sport. In several Italian movies of the time, you start seeing the odd surfboard in the protagonist’s house (although generally you never got to see them using it!).

What are your top two favourite spots in Australia?
I really like the South Coast – the Farm and Manyana are quite dear to me – but I also like the warmer waters of northern NSW too.

How many times a week do you manage to get the surf in?
It really depends on the week. I tend not to go surfing if the surf is too small or too big or too windy or too cold (I think I’m becoming a bit spoilt). If I can’t go surfing for two to three days I really miss it.

Do you complement surfing with any other sports?
Now that it’s winter (technically) and I can’t surf after work, I’ve started playing some tennis, but I’m not very coordinated.

Do you usually surf on your own or do you get out there with a bunch of mates?
I generally surf on my own as it’s sort of my ‘me time’, but I always meet lots of nice people and friends in the water.

Describe your perfect surf trip?
Sun, ocean, good company, good drinks.

Where is your next holiday destination?
Probably home to give a hug to my mum and dad, so I may not have a surfboard with me (unless I stop on the Basque Coast on the way!).

If surfing is your number one passion, what’s number two?
In terms of sport, surf is at the top, followed closely by swimming. I think the the ocean in general is my number one passion in life, as is art.

Any last words?
Thank you for all the beautiful pictures you guys are taking!