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Frother of the Month – Hugo Odgers

By Dan Hutton on April 10, 2015 in People

Photo: Franck Gazzola

Photo: Franck Gazzola

Nickname: H
Occupation: Student
Age: 14
Local Break: Bondi
Board Types: A log, a short board, an 8-foot mid-length and a 5’4” quad fin.
Goofy or Natural: Natural

How long ago did you start surfing and why?
I started surfing when I was seven years old. I’ve always loved the water.

Do other members of your family surf?

I see you down at the beach a lot; what drives you to wake up early and get out into the water?
I love getting up early and hanging out with friends, and just having an epic thing to do in the morning before school.

You seem to spend most of your time on a long board; have you always been attracted to long boarding? Are you still interested in riding shortboards?
Back when I was a little fella I used to ride short boards more. I tend to follow the mentality where you ride the right board for the right conditions.

Do you have any other passions besides surfing? What do you get up to after school when the surf is flat?
If the surf is bad I try to shape and glass, which doesn’t always work the best; it often just ends up as one big mess. I also like to slide around the streets on my skatey.

I know you’re only 14, but do you have already any idea of what your you would like to do with yourself in the future?

Well, I’m more into the creative side of things so, it could and will vary, but hopefully it’s fun and pays the rent.

Where is your next holiday destination?
My next holiday destination is Noosa Heads. It’s my favourite surf spot.

If there was one place in the world you would like to visit most, where would it be?

My dream place to visit would be Malibu and its seemingly endless peelers.

Any last words?
Kooks are way more stressful than school. And I also want to give a plug to my shaper, Mitch Surman. Check out Ms. Surfboards on Instagram. He shapes the most epic logs out there.