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Frother of The Month – Azza Graham

By Brad Malyon on June 29, 2011 in People

Name: Azza Graham

Age: 34

Local break: Bronte

Board shaper & dimensions: Fox Surfboards, 6’1” x 18 ¾’ x 2 5/16’

Favourite surf spot?

Desert Point, Indonesia.

How old were you when you first jumped on a surfboard?

Around five.

Who’s is your favourite surfer and why?

Mick Fanning. He surfs so critical and fast and he’s got time for anyone.

Do you look up to any local surfers in particular or do they all look up to you these days?

Caleb Reid is such a great surfer and just a mellow dude, and Bones Dwyer just went down to Tassie and towed some massive waves at Shipsterns, so I’ve got a new found respect for him – wait until you see the photos!

Are there any young surfers who are impressing you in the local area that we should be keeping an eye out for?

There’s a super grom from Bronte called Ethan who has been having a dig lately.

Who is there better surfer, you or your brother Kobi?

You will have to ask my mum that one.

You’re a Waverley lifeguard during the warmer months, what do you get up to when the beaches close in winter?

I’m fortunate enough to be employed full-time at Bondi so I’m down there all year round but I also do a lot of travelling through winter as the waves are so good at that time of year.

Where are you headed for your next surf adventure?

I’ve been spending a lot of hours on the road lately chasing waves up and down the east coast. Let me tell you, you don’t need to go overseas to get perfect waves; it’s all in our backyard.

What do you love about surfing?

Getting barreled. There isn’t a better feeling.

Where would you like surfing to take you?

Away from the crowds of Sydney and to beautiful beachies up and down the coast.

Do you have any sponsors you’d like to plug?

Fox Surfboards, Reef clothing and Triple X wetsuits.

Any last words?

Learn the rules of surfing before you come out into the surf and start dropping in and running people over. There are too many kooks getting out there these days who are causing arguments because of their arrogance.