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Frother of the Month – Aaron Buchan

By Christie Bennett on September 12, 2013 in People

Photo: Brad Malyon

Photo: Brad Malyon

When he’s not climbing trees to rescue frightened felines in his job as a fireman or giving the kiss of life to drowning tourists down on Bondi beach in his other role as lifeguard, Azza Buchan loves nothing more than straddling his mountain bike or sneaking down to Tama to take on uncrowded waves before the masses even know it’s pumping…

Name: Aaron Buchan
Age: 35
Local Break: Tama
Board Shaper: Hayden Shapes
Board Dimensions: 5’8” by 19½”

Which beach did you hang out at as a kid?
My early years were spent in Coogee. It was pretty different back then – quiet and carefree. But when I started surfing seriously, in my teens, Tama became home. It was just a great way to grow up, with a huge group of friends down there everyday. Oh, and there was always a healthy rivalry with Bronte.

Do you still have the same affection for Tama?
I don’t have any allegiance these days, and I probably surf Bronte more than anywhere, but I guess I do feel most at home out at Tama. I still get some good sneaky sessions to myself because I guess I know when it can deliver before the masses do.

Your wife is from Byron; do you spend a bit of time up there?
We visit Byron as often as we can and The Pass is always a high priority. My wife surfs a mal better than I do and we keep her ‘frangipani’ board up there, just for The Pass.

You’re not just a frother and you like to do a bit of dirt filthin’ too; what draws you to mountain bike riding?
Yeah, I do a lot of mountain biking. There are just too many people trying to surf these days! Mountain biking provides all the same sorts of thrills and the vibe on the trails is always cool – the complete opposite to the aggression you encounter in the water these days. We ride everywhere. There are so many places close by with so much fun on offer.

If you had to choose between your board and your bike, which one would you save?
Ha! I don’t know if it’s the fact that it cost me big dollars or the amount of fun it provides me, but I would definitely be choosing my bike! I’ll always love the surf, but living in Sydney, riding just consistently delivers so much more.

Any last words?
It’s always offshore on the trails!