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Frother of the Month – Pete Kavanagh

By Brad Malyon on February 1, 2012 in People

Photo: Brad Malyon

Pete Kavanagh is a Bondi grom to watch. He already rips and he isn’t even a teenager yet! As the February Frother of the Month, Pete tells us a little about his love of the waves.

Name: Pete Kavanagh

Age: 12

Local Break: Bondi

Board Shaper/Dimensions: Phil Murray shapes – 5’2” x 16 ½” x 2” and Elusiv surfboards – 4’9” x 17 ½” x 2”

What do you love about surfing? Just that feeling of being in the water and wondering what to try on the next wave.

How long have you been surfing for? I’ve been surfing for as long as I can remember, ha ha. I was surfing before I could swim.

Does anyone else in your family surf? Everyone in my family surfs (my mum rides a booger, if you count that).

What’s your favourite surf spot? Green Island down at Manyana. It’s the funnest left-hander.

There are a lot of groms ripping at the moment – the boardrider’s comp must be a stiff competition. How did you end up at the end of this season? I came 3rd overall even though I missed two contests, which I’m pretty happy about.

Do you think having a bit of a young crew down at Bondi helps push you to keep improving? Yeah, for sure!

What comes first: school or surf? Well they are both pretty important. I enjoy surfing more than school but I don’t think Mum would like it if I dropped out to surf!

If you could surf any where in the world where would it be? Balian in Bali – it’s warm and it pumps!

Where are you headed for your next surf adventure? I’m heading down to Wollongong for a grom comp soon.

What do you want to do when you wrap things up at school? I’m not too sure yet. I’m only in Year 6!

What do you do for fun when the surf’s flat? I usually skate Bondi Skate Park with my mates.