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Local Bloke… Steve Pasvolsky From Bondi

By James Hutton on January 1, 2013 in People

Photo: Grant Brooks

Bondi resident Steve Pasvolsky is a game designer and film writer and director. He shares his local favourites with The Beast…

Where do you live?
I live on Hastings Parade in Bondi; it’s just a stone’s throw away from the beach as the angry bird flies. I have lived here for sixteen hedonistic years but I can only really remember the last six.

What’s your favourite beach?
That perfect patch of sand in front of pole eleven at North Bondi (yep, that famous one with the ponytail hanging off it).

What’s your favourite eatery?
It would have to be Pizzaiola on Glenayr Avenue, Bondi. The food’s always super tasty and the guys there are friendly as. I’m still learning how to say it though.

Where do you like to have a drink?
In the front yard at home, but I’m strictly on cordial at the moment.

Do you have a favourite sporting team?
I’m a Wallabies die-hard no matter what their form’s like. I stand and sing the anthem in my lounge room when they play.

What music are you into at the moment?
Citizen Cope, Philip Glass and my two year-old Theodore throwing his tambourine.

Who is your favourite person?
My wife; she makes pancakes for me at 3am when the Wallabies play in Europe and she’s pretty excellent at everything.

What do you get up to on the weekends?
I like to go for a swim with the kids, surf, body surf, surf, body surf, followed by another swim with the kids – the perfect weekend routine in Bondi. I just don’t want to leave the postcode… maybe we’ll go see a movie every once in a while.

Do you have a favourite quote?
“When a thought’s in your head you’re its master… when it comes out your mouth you’re its slave.”

What do you do for work?
If you have an idea for an app, I make it happen. I also write and direct film and television. It doesn’t really feel like work though.

What’s your favourite thing about work?
Collaborating with freethinking people and finding awesome solutions.

Any other words of wisdom for readers of The Beast?
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