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Local Chick – Kelly Wright

By James Hutton on August 9, 2016 in People

Photo: Grant Brooks

Photo: Grant Brooks

Kelly Wright is the owner of Toni and Guy in Bondi Beach. She recently launched a crazy but brilliant campaign to launch $1 million from 1 million people in just 30 days as part of her charitable organisation, Deciding to Make a Difference. All funds raised will be used to build new housing for an Aboriginal community in Jilkminggan. Kelly shares her local favourites with The Beast…

How long have you lived here? I first arrived in Bondi 14 years ago.

What’s your favourite beach? Bondi is by far the best.

What’s your favourite eatery? There are way too many to list only one. The Shop, Bondi Tony’s, MAD Pizza, The Italian, Da Orazio, Vue Bar, The Corner House… I could go on all day.

Where do you like to have a drink? I love a cheese platter and bottle of Shiraz at The Shop on Curlewis Street.

Do you have a favourite sporting team? Sport? Ha! The Roosters, I guess.

What music are you into at the moment? The Wiggles – I swear I was cool pre kids! I like most things not killed on the radio, except pop. The radio didn’t need to kill that. It was always bad.

Who is your favourite person? James Hutton from The Beast right now! My kids Lily and Freddy come a close second though.

What do you get up to on the weekends? I work on Saturdays, but Sundays are dedicated to my babies. I generally end up at a park of some form.

What do you do for work? I’m a hairdresser by passion. I’m the owner/operator of Toni&Guy Bondi Beach and Randwick, and I’m also the founder of Deciding to Make a Difference.

What’s your favourite thing about work? Everything – my teams and my clients all make waking up and going to work easy.

Do you have a favourite quote? I’m not big on quotes, but I believe positivity breeds positivity and I say ‘karma is a bitch’ a lot!

Any other words of wisdom for readers of The Beast? Firstly, we live in paradise so please take your plastic, rubbish and fag butts home with you and don’t leave them on our beaches. Secondly, please head to With your help we can take the problem of plastic pollution and use it to help solve the housing shortage in remote Aboriginal communities within Australia.