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Local Favourites – JP from Waverley Council

By James Hutton on April 30, 2012 in People

Photo: Grant Brooks

JP, the Compost Revolution Commander-In-Chief from Waverley Council, shares his local favourites with The Beast…

Have you always lived locally?
I work in Waverley and spend half the week with friends at Coogee and Randwick but I’m actually living in Tempe at the moment!

How long have you lived there?
Going on a year now. I moved last week but only next door. We took down the fence for speed. I was born in Randwick but raised in Summer Hill.

What’s your favourite beach?
Gordon’s Bay, Coogee or Bronte, depending how rough I want it.

What’s your favourite eatery?
The Suveran on Oxford Street, Bondi Junction. It tastes so good it’s hard to believe it’s healthy. Plus strangers talk to each other like old friends there and it’s hard to find that around Sydney these days.

Where do you like to have a drink?
Hive Bar. They have Jenga, pizza, and local beers on tap.

Do you have a favourite sporting team?
The Australian Cycling Team… pity Cadel Evans ain’t in it but.

What music are you into at the moment?
Just about everything, from bluegrass to dubstep. What ever it is though, make it funky.

Who is your favourite person?
One person? Alex, Angie, Sam, Sandi, Emma, Lana, Shaw, Nick, Nay Nay… I love ’em all. I’m taking the cheeky route and saying it’s me. Or Sir David Attenborough – he’s awesome.

What do you get up to on the weekends?
I like to catch up with mates, play music, dance and cycle to the beach.

Do you have a favourite quote?
“Dance like nobody’s watching, work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt before”.

What do you do for work?
I’m the Commander-in-Chief for The Compost Revolution. I help households, businesses and community groups compost in the Eastern Suburbs and give away free compost bins and worm farms – if you want one go to

What’s your favourite thing about work?
Getting paid to do what I believe in – care for people, care for the planet and support community.

Any other words of wisdom for readers of The Beast?
Your neighbours are holding composting events near you from May 7-12. Visit