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Lost and Found – Bondi’s Beautiful

By Georgie Jeffreys on July 25, 2011 in News

Photo: Daniel Guerra

Have you seen Beautiful lately? Tall, tanned and donning his signature lei of flowers, his long flow of silver hair masking him as a modern day, Nimbin-loving version of Dumbledore?

If you ever did have the pleasure of speaking to him, you would no doubt have been adorned with flattery, for Beautiful inherits his name from his life affirming mantra, which he passionately delivers to all those he meets: “You are beautiful. You are God.”

Though once the heart of Bondi’s streets, Beautiful now seems to be little more than a folk legend, having not been spotted for more than three years it would seem.

I took to the streets recently, determined to source some information on his possible whereabouts – and the theories were rife, to say the least.

Whilst one barista swore that Beautiful had been sent to a ‘loony bin’, another local promised that he had ventured to Hollywood to seek fame and fortune – most, however, seemed to agree that Beautiful was living the life up on Queensland’s south coast.

Wherever he is, whoever he’s with, we’re sure he is well, for if the Bondi locals are anything to go by, Beautiful is as rare and treasured as they come.

If you have any information on Beautiful’s whereabouts, please email